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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Table Top Tuesday

Today is my first post as a participant in Table Top Tuesday~ a great feature sponsored by Marty, the creative genius behind A Stroll Thru Life. Don't forget to wander over and browse lovely home interior vignettes from all over the blog world.

Here is what I am sharing with you today~


This is a mini-beverage island created from a piece whose intended purpose in life is that of kitchen island. I already have a kitchen island but I couldn't pass on this great piece of furniture. I do love it in my living room.

I like the distressed finish~ it feels very English manor house. So with that in mind I also bought a very lovely framed, original watercolor of an estate in England which is part of their National Trust for Historic Preservation. I found this little darling at a philanthropic thrift shop, also in Arizona. Can you spot the painting perched atop an easel (in the first picture above).


Hanging above the island is a mirror that I happened upon years ago at Sam's Wholesale Club. I felt that the finish was garishly gold. I stippled on some of whatever white trim paint I had on hand at the time. The paint really toned the frame in a most needed way. I like the ornate design of the frame and the mirror adds depth to the perceived dimensions of our living room.

About 2 years ago I found this great floral arrangement at a model home sale in Arizona. It really makes a statement which is enhanced by it's reflection.

I especially value this silver-plate tray and set of drinking glasses. The tray is from Pottery Barn and I found it at the same model home sale for $1. Cool, huh? It looks so 1940's. But the glasses are my real love~ logo glasses from TransWorld Airlines {TWA}  Each glass represents a different destination. I suspect these glasses are from the early 60's. I found them still in their original box.

My pilot husband was with TWA for 31 years. These glasses represent part of our life's history and are another one of those things that we prominently display not only because we think the glasses are handsome but also because they remind us of our blessed life.

When we entertain our little beverage island is a perfect spot for guests to mingle; such a nice way to divert traffic away from the kitchen. For whatever reason guests love to congregate in the kitchen. Have you noticed this too? I just can't cook with an audience.

Thanks for having a look! Don't forget to stop in over at Marty's.



  1. Dana, Wow, you found some wonderful pieces. Love the color of the island and the way you have everything displayed.Love the silver tray.Well done.

  2. Gorgeous vignette and the island is beautiful. I also really like the silver tray. They are always beautiful in any vignette. Thanks for linkin to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Dana, Your suggestion to use a cheese cloche and crackers on the wooden "thing" is a great idea! It's so big, it must have been for commercial use or something. It would be big enough to have lots of cheese and crackers for a party. lol
    Thanks for your suggestion,

  4. Hi Dana,
    Lovely tabletop vignette. Love the mirror and the story behind the glasses. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,