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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Desk With A Promising Future

Oh my! A new entry on my overwhelming to do list:

Get a load of this beauty. It's a little desk that I would guess is from the 70's. 
I bought it yesterday at a thrift store after Larry negotiated a good price for me.
My intention is to paint it and use it as a vanity in the new {previously mentioned} sleeping loft.
This picture is rotated so you can get a better look.
Why is it that my sweet husband brings things inside for me they get no further than the entryway?
We can hardly maneuver.

He stacked the drawers on the white sofa!
After 30 years he still baffles me at times.
Well the good news is that Larry likes this desk and he tells me that it is solid wood.
No veneer allowed.
I do like the pulls and think they will look good painted.
I got the idea to paint the pulls from Mandy at 
OK, so I've seen so many first rate do-it-yourself ladies on their beautiful blogs. Click on any button from my extensive list in the sidebar and you will see for yourself.
A great majority feature their truly amazing furniture makeovers. And they talk as if it's so easy!
I am totally intimidated. As I've mentioned before, I am not really good at painting and I am scared to begin.
I even awoke in the night worried about it.
What color should I use? I am usually very decisive about color choices
but right now I seem incapable of making a decision.
I think the little desk could look really pretty. 
I just wish someone else would paint it for me.
Any volunteers?

I also snagged this~

This was F*R*E*E

And that's about what it's worth. It has too broken rods but Larry can weld them.
The seat cushion was so dirty it never made it beyond the trash barrel.
The foam was the egg-crate variety. It was in 2 pieces!
I know my mom had something like this in the late 60's or early 70's.
Probably in my folk's chic Palm Springs condo.
New cushion in the works~
I sew better than I paint.
So I will get Larry to spray paint this for me to coordinate with the desk.

As soon as I have finished the makeover
I will post the pictures.
Wish me luck!

  Hope your Monday was a good one.


  1. oooo!! I am excited to see it! :) :) :) Thanks for the blog shout :)


  2. You can do it. If it doesn't look right it is only paint and can be done again. Good luck.

  3. Well thanks for stopping by and visiting me here in Missouri. Glad you had a trip down memory lane. What took you away from us here in Mo? I am your newest follower. Richard from My Old Historic House.