Where The Lone Star State Meets The Puget Sound
A Fine Mesh Of Two Great Styles

Who We Are

A Native Texan (and retired airline pilot) and his L A girl {born and raised} making a fine mesh of things on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Empty Nesters with very full plates, who have been happily navigating marriage for just more than 30 years.

We have lived in our little cottage by the sea for almost a decade! It seems impossible that we have been up here that long.  Husband Larry claims we've done a 're-build' not a remodel. I have to agree. We truly didn't know what we were getting ourselves into other than a great water view. I guess we had blinders on.

I love to garden, sew, craft and scour the country for good deals. Larry kindly works my to-do list but much prefers his adventures on the water. He spends the summers as a yacht captain and boating instructor. In the air and on the water, Larry is a first-rate navigator.

Thanks for following this quirky island adventure that we call 'life'.