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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Mixed Blessing

A very dear, senior saint, who attends my church is moving to Arizona in early June.  She and her husband are already in the process of dismantling their pretty home.  Earlier this week we met at her house for coffee and a chat.  Sadly, she has been recently plagued with memory loss; so much so that she didn't even remember that I was coming.

She has such a sweet spirit.  My friend seems unaware of her disability and carries on seemingly unruffled. She conducts herself and her life with such dignity~ she exudes grace.  We had a lovely time drinking coffee and sharing family updates.

Upon leaving, we agreed that I should take one of her favorite houseplants; a lovely shamrock.  I was so touched.  I was unsure of where to place it.  If I buy a houseplant, my attitude is rather, "cest la vie".  But when a plant is entrusted to my care I feel compelled to become a good steward.

Isn't this pretty?

{Yeah Baby!}

Lately I have been perusing (again) one of my favorite coffee table books, Flea Market Decorating.  Even after a decade, this book is still my favorite compendium of style and budget.  It's a coffee table book that is truly at home on my coffee table.  Anyway, a stair balustrade pictured on one of the pages reminded me of something I have had stashed for many years~ an old newel post.  I asked Larry to bring it from the basement.

After cleaning it up I resolved once again to use it as a plant stand.  A plant stand with a {barley} twist perhaps?

Ah~ A sterling example of refined rustic!

Or should it be, rustic-refined?

Larry put one screw through the bottom of the galvanized bucket which holds it to the post.  I'm a quirky gal and I like this look.  I also like being reminded of my dear friend each time I walk through my front door.

I'm sad to say farewell to a lady whose faith has inspired me for a decade.  But I am convinced that the move is for the best.  She will soon be surrounded by family and friends of longstanding, and she will have more than 300 days a year of glorious sunshine. How can I not celebrate such a decision?  

Our church is also a family and our doors are always open.  If life brings them back, we'll be here for them.  Therefore, I refuse to say, "good bye". I think instead I will simply say, "Until we meet again..."

And I bid you the same.  Thanks for stopping by.

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