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Monday, March 26, 2012

Springing To Life

It only takes a couple of sunny days to put a little spring back into my step.  I'm tiring of last season's colors and have been on a serious roll around the house; moving accents around and adding touches of spring vibrancy.  It all started with these~

OK, so which came first? The designer chickens or the eggs?

I love these eggs for Easter.  My house doesn't look good wrapped in 'cutesy'.  Pinks, bold blues, purple... just not a good fit.  So, after hard boiling, I decided to exercise a little creative license with the notion of Easter basket.  I chose, instead, to once again put to interesting use the old Pier One hurricane.

So all of this just to tell you that from these eggs an idea for a new vignette was hatched.

We have this little ledge along side of our winding staircase.  There is no utilitarian use for the ledge; it just evolved in a remodel of the stairs.  The vintage Pottery Barn telephone reminds me of my grandmother's house.  Her little house in a Los Angeles suburb was built in the 1920's.  It had a cool telephone nook and an old phone with a party line! 

Above the ledge I hung an original oil painting done especially for me by the mom of a lifelong friend.  I grew up a few doors from my friend and her mom was very special to me~ and so is this painting.  Aren't the colors beautifully airy?

I have always felt that the painting was perfect for a cottage by the sea.

And here is a view of the staircase~

Larry designed and built the stairs.  They lead to our sleeping loft.  Ooh la loft! The topic of a future post. 

I hope you will avail yourself of all the lovely vignettes over at  Marty's Table Top Tuesday  Marty's blog is always bursting with creative inspiration.  I'll head to the loft and take a few pictures.

Thanks for reading along! Come back and visit me soon.

Vintage Bombay Makeover

I really like classically styled, Bombay Company home accents.  I spotted this desk organizer recently at the Kiwanis' thrift store here in town.  Despite its imperfections I liked the $3 price tag!

Some of the gouges were pretty significant.  I bought a little can of wood filler which Larry was able to use as a patching medium.  After thorough sanding we were ready for spray paint.  By the way, if I use the word "we" it most likely means that Larry did the work.

Presto~Change-o!  I am really pleased with this redo~


A new message center on the kitchen counter complete with essentials~ pens, pencils, paper, emery boards and a spare pair of reading glasses.  A home can never have too many pairs of glasses.

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