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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Table Makeover Featuring Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

OK so I took on a little do-it-yourself project. After looking at Mandy's good work I'm a little embarrassed to show you mine. But considering that a $8 table made it all the way to our dining room I decided it was worth sharing.

Here are the before(s) of a cute little console table I picked up at a swap meet. The dealer was asking $10 but I told him truthfully that my husband told me to offer $8. The dealer seemed happy for me to have it!

The paint was solid brown flat paint. Someone had even painted over something like children's stickers. I used a little Goo Gone to remove what I could and I did a very limited amount of sanding.

Next I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and gave the table a coat of *Old Ochre*. The table looked rather lackluster at that point. So I mixed together some *Old Ochre* and *Graphite* and with this new color I painted the top only.

Hmmm. Now it looked a little French Provincial. Not a bad look but not what I was working toward. But then I had the great idea to wax the entire table with the brown Annie Sloan Furniture Wax. Well honestly, this was not my great idea. This is what Annie Sloan {says} to do. This step is crucial to a good finish. You see, the chalk paint leaves a very flat (no sheen) surface and is not intended to be used alone. But with the wax,

{OOOH La La!}

After you wax you have patina; a really sophisticated aged look~ Just like me!

Painting is really not my thing. I am very clutzy and quite messy. But the Annie Sloan products make the painting process easy, even for someone like I.  Look at my table now!

I am really happy with my first attempts. What do you think? I hope you like it. Are you asking yourself,
"I wonder what that 'B' stands for"? B is for Blog! Or Be Brave or Behave or maybe even Bishop
{Because that, of course is my last name}

Some Parting Thoughts~
Look how well my little table looks aside a Bishop family heirloom table topped with my brown and white Spode dishes (snagged at a thrift store).

If you are now hugely excited to try painting with Annie Sloan products you can find a Stockist (distributor) by visiting http://www.anniesloan.com/acatalog/Stockists.html 
If you live in Washington, north of Seattle, please visit The Bella Bungalow girls at www.thebellabungalow.blogspot.com

Thanks for dropping by and please come back and see me soon!



  1. The table looks great and I am a AS chalk paint addict. I look for stuff to paint. I am repainting a piece I had already done another color. You should wax with clear first and then the dark in case you want to take some of the dark wax back off. It will come off if you do it on top of the clear. Learned this the hard way. Thanks for coming by.

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