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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today was Shipwreck day in our town, Anacortes, Washington. I guess I'd better explain what Shipwreck Day is. Each year the local Rotary club sponsors an enormous flea market. They raise money for their various charities by selling booth spaces. These booths line both sides of Commercial Avenue (our Main Street USA), for about a 10 block stretch. 

Anything goes; that is to say, this is the furthest thing possible from a juried type of exhibit. Vendors are allowed to sell anything from trash to treasure.

My good friend Laurie and I spent the morning combing the street for bargains. We met promptly at 7:15 AM, hopped in her truck and headed for our favorite coffee drive-thru. Then, our drinks in hand, we excitedly scurried from booth to booth.

Everything was going along swimmingly until about 9 AM, at which time it began to rain; and rain and rain. Do you think we had an umbrella, a hat or even a jacket with a hood? Of course not. Hello! This is the Pacific Northwest! Could we not have gone prepared? We became drenched; and I mean dripping!

But we were not daunted. Courageously we pursued and perused~ even the auxiliary streets. We truly had a blast. Of course, I spent more than Laurie. I think my total was about $35 (not counting the coffee).

Here are some fun pictures of our day and of my finds. You can get a feel for how well this event is attended by my fellow island dwellers.



Testing Out The Stool For Comfort
Oh My Gosh! Look how bad my hair looks having gotten soaked!

 Shabby Indeed {Not sure about the 'Chic'}

 I do love the rubber feet!

The World's Cutest Hamper {For my new petite bathroom}

So I got a few other small things but I don't want to bore you with too many pictures. I hope you can tell that we had a great time. It was truly sensorial overload. Now I am worn out. But Shipwreck Day is so worth it and I will do it again next year.

Enjoy your Sunday!

PS: There are 3 things you should try not to notice in my pictures:
       1. The towels on the sofa (we have 2 dogs)
       2. The level 
       3. The tool box


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