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Thursday, July 21, 2011




I want to introduce you to a DIY blog that I happened onto today. This is a project from Mandy at A37's42(her blog name). I will give you the link in a moment but first I want you to view Mandy's pictures (to get you motivated to tackle a project of your own). The desk was a garage sale *score*. Hey, who could pass up an IKEA desk still in the box?

Check out Mandy's work:

So the first thing she did was paint the desk black and assemble it.

The next step was to apply contact paper to the the top, with the help of her loving husband. Next came 3 coats of polyurethane! I have seen poly over contact paper before. It's a great idea and really makes the surface impermeable. I have a close friend here in Anacortes who isn't quite ready to make a financial commitment to a new kitchen. So she used a great green contact paper on all of her counter tops and then used the same polyurethane technique! It really is lovely.

The final step was a padded drawer liner and a new coat of paint on the drawer pull to match the other hardware in the room.

Doesn't this look nice? She bought the contact paper at Dollar Tree! I never find anything that cool at a dollar store. Now the desk with the totally updated look is residing happily in Mandy's craft room. YAY Mandy!
I am so impressed!

Check out Mandy's blog and her creative spirit at: http://a37s42.blogspot.com

I hope you will leave Mandy a comment about her desk. We bloggers love to hear from our readers!

Enjoy your day! {Do something creative}


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  1. aawwww shucks!!! This is so cool! Thanks for featuring me! It means a lot. I usually only blog in the evenings on weekends but recently I have been so busy with projects I haven't had much free time.

    Thanks so much for the feature! :) You just made my week!