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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coffee Table Convo on Table Top Tuesday

Coffee Tables~ all shapes, all sizes and rarely used for "coffee" anymore.

If you're of my generation you will remember television's Mrs. Olson and her newly wedded young neighbors. I'm speaking of a Folger's coffee commercial at prime time; one of the most highly quoted commercials in the history of paid advertising.  Some of you still remember the famed Mrs. Olson serving her guests coffee in the living room. The little group was gathered around the coffee table with cups, saucers and the china coffee pot.

And that famous line~ "Oh Mrs. Olson, he never has a second cup when I make it!" exclaims the adorable newlywed. Oh my gosh! A marriage in crisis! The young wife makes bad coffee! But the sage Mrs. Olson replies with great compassion and self confidence, " It's Folgers, Dear".

Ahh. Folger's.
The coffee that saves the day {and a marriage}.
Would that all newlyweds have a Mrs. Olson living next door.

{No, This Is Not An Old Picture Of Me}
The Famed Mrs. Olson

OK, back to my intended point, coffee tables are more commonly used today for displaying our pretty things. If you are like I, your coffee table vignette is never static. I am constantly arranging and rearranging. But this is Table Top Tuesday, a weekly happening hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life. This is an opportunity to showcase a few up-to-the-moment snapshots~ a vignette. So here you go. My {not-so-coffee} table just as you will find it today~

An old  bench. The first antique piece I ever purchased. Wow! That was way back in 1987. It's a nice coffee table height and it's not imposing. It's subtle. My pretty things take center stage. On this particular evening Larry and I were enjoying appetizers in what has come to be called the keeping room.

Nice, huh? Brie cheese and crackers served on an antique bread plate from my collection.

Pineapple~ The traditional sign of 'welcome'

My table holds a small assortment of things I love. Each has special meaning.

A favorite shell, a few white silk roses.

I love my bench. It has spent time in the house and time in the barn. As I said, I arrange and I rearrange. But I'm so glad I've never let it get away because today it's in exactly the right spot.
What's on your coffee table today? Need a little inspiration? You can view a great assortment of beautiful vignettes over at Marty's every Tuesday! Have a look. There are always vignettes that inspire new and lovely ideas. Have a wonderful day and visit me again soon!



  1. Such a beautiful table! I love your colors. So calming. Teach me your ways!!

  2. I love your vignette. The shell and flowers with the box, such a creative idea. Love it all. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great coffee table vignette,Dana, and yes, I remember Mrs. Olson.
    Your antique bread board is a treasure and I love the pineapple finial.
    When I do a coffee table vignette, I always have to clean off my table.I'm ashamed to say mine is 'well used'. lol
    I need to make a new one for TTT. Have a great Saturday.