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Monday, August 15, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday!

Ah yes. Another link party. Well I thought, "what the heck". Something is always morphing at Shell Cottage (our little house that lives large). I noticed that Debra of Common Ground fame shares my affinity for bird prints.
{Have a look at her lovely blog.}

With that in mind I am blogging ever-so-briefly about my own feathered features.

Oh my. I love these prints. They are printed on wood and printed so well that they look original.
{If only!}
They were by no  means cheap, but rather a splurge.

They hang one atop the other against a sage green wall. They make me very happy and I wanted more! Don't we always want more?

So while I was out thrifting not so long ago I happened on a pair of these~

Ooops! I only took a picture of one of them. They are behind glass but they appear to be a pair of originals, though not I'm sure, done with colored pencils. I bought the pair for $10! They are very traditional, which I like. But the frames were extremely dated (which I did not like). I couldn't find a single spot in my house for them. The frames were actually depressing.
I even put them away for awhile~ out of sight.

But I suddenly had a thought! Annie {Sloan} to the rescue!

A little paint, a little wax~ Look at the difference!

Here's the pair hanging in my entryway.
So MUCH better!
The dark color {graphite} certainly makes the colors pop.
My mom told me they looked as if they belong in an English house.
That's the best thing she could have said.

And as you can see~

They are in very good company!
And speaking of my lovely mother, this very vintage shore bird
is a gift from her. He is such a handsome addition to our front entrance
and best of all he makes me think of my mom and dad.

So head on over to Between Naps on the Porch 
and check out Metamorphosis Monday. You'll be glad you did. 
Lots of great Before(s) and After(s) over there!

It's a beautiful day on our beautiful island. The sun is out and my windows are open wide.
I hope your day is as beautiful!

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  1. Dana, these look great. You know you can link to my party, too. Ha ha