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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Harbingers of Fall

Oh my. The sun is once again on a northern trek and the days are markedly shorter now. I think we notice this more way up here at North Latitude 48. Our 10 PM sunset time has given way to an 8:30 departure and the morning sun is making its debut later each day.

Autumn is clearly waiting anxiously in the wings. But here for our viewing pleasure are a few lovelies that make a strategic late-summer appearance~
softening the harsh blow of summer's decline.

Take a tour with me~
A Profusion Of Vivid Yellow Yarrow

Croscosmia Bulbs

Volunteer Sunflowers  {To The Bird's Delight}

A Late Blooming Hydrangea Variety

And Sumptuous Fruits~


Wild Blackberries {Not Quite Ready}
And Last But Not Least~

 Renown Washington State Apples
{Ripening Each Day}

Yes fall is lurking around the corner but summer is still offering up her gifts. How thankful we are for God's abundance!

Thanks for taking a stroll with me!


1 comment:

  1. A bit of fall would be very welcome here in Southern California. We are just coming down from triple digit days and all of my plants look like it. I love fall and reading your post has gotten me looking forward to it.