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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Very First Blog Award!

A blog award for me {a new blogger} !  What an honor that Mandy at A's37's42 gifted me in this way. I am pleased beyond words. And I'm never beyond words! Please visit Mandy's most-quality, fun and instructional blog and read her entire list of blog favorites.

Honor comes with responsibility, and here are mine~

-Thank the person that gave me the award {Mandy} and link to her post. {Complete}
-Tell 7 things about myself.
-Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs.

So here we go~

1. I am a Christian woman and have experienced immeasurable grace in my life.
2. One of hardest things I've ever done is to let my hair go gray. It took two years to grow it out.
3. In my former life I owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast.
4. I flip-out over every new person who becomes a follower of Northwest Texas.
5. I have the most amazing husband in every way.
6. I still have both of my parents and I love them dearly.
7. The best career I ever had was raising our only child, John.

And now for a great blog list, in no particular order.  Please visit each of them {and leave a comment}. This is by no means an exhaustive list. I love so many blogs it would be impossible to mention them all. So my list is comprised of bloggers who are making a grand effort at a great start.

2. Three Dogs at Home

4. A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

5. Beauty for Ashes

6. Upstairs Downstairs

7. White Whimsy

8. Blue Clear Sky

9.Unfussy Fussiness

10. Savvy Southern Style ~ Kim has been blogging less than two years and she has an amazing following as well as style. She is on this list because she has not only inspired me but she has taken the time to comment on so many of my posts. To a new blogger this is a major compliment and and an incentive to keep blogging.

Thank you for letting me brag today. And another huge thank you to Mandy for my first-ever blog honor!



  1. Hi Dana,
    Thanks so much for passing on this reward. I am excited. Like you, I squeal like a little girly everytime I see that I have a new follower. Really, it's not about the number. Just about getting to know more people. Blogging is so fun. I love your blog and will visit more often. Like you, I have so many fav's that I sometimes don't get around to all of them. Especially lately. BTW, I think you look beautiful with grey hair. It really is a pretty color. Grabbing your button. See, your more savy than me. Don't know how to make a button.

  2. Hi Dana, Thank you for passing on this award! I was so honored that you shared it with me! You have some amazing bloggers on your list! I am thrilled to be mentioned with them. Kim was one of the first to follow me and has also commented on my blog. I appreciate her kind words, as I do yours! My button is still not working! I am trying to fix it. I love your gray hair! It is beautiful! I have been blessed by so many amazing blogger's time and sweet comments! I love following them, but I don't get to them as often as I would like to. Thank you for sharing your award! Congratulations on a fabulous blog!

  3. Thank you Dana for honoring me! I was thrilled to see my blog's name on your list. You have a beautiful blog, I also flip out over every new person who becomes a follower, and you really pull off the gray. How nice not having to go get it colored all the time. I will be visiting your blog often. Thanks Again! Lots of Love ~ Ruth