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Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Is In The Air!

I don't usually decorate the house for Valentine's Day.  It's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment~ but February 14th is such a fleeting occasion.  Here today, gone tomorrow!

But since I'm having a baby shower on the 12th, a very pink party to be sure, I felt it appropriate to add some touches of  L*O*V*E to the mix.

I love layering beautiful papers when I create banners.

I have about 3 Scrabble games.  I buy them at thrift stores whenever I can find them.  I like using Scrabble letters to express my feelings.  Though, it's not as if I'm ever at a loss for words!

My friend lent me her heart punch from Stampin' Up!  I used it to craft a little heart garland.  I then draped it over my all season stick-tree; a consignment shop find.

Here is one of the most labor intensive projects I have ever undertaken!  65 crepe PINK crepe paper camellias on a Styrofoam wreath which I wrapped with white gross grain ribbon!  I do like it; so much in fact that I am going to leave it hanging all the way through Easter Sunday.

There's not a lot of overdone fuss for Valentine's Day.  But there's just enough to remind Larry of how happy I am to be his wife.  I guess Valentine's decorating will become a new tradition for me.  I have to admit, it was kind of fun.

Joining the party at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.  Enjoy!
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  1. Dana, this post is lovely! Your pictures are gorgeous! How nice to show your hubby how much he is loved! The wreath is beautiful. I have always wanted to give this a try, but it even looks labor intensive! Congrats on finishing it! Your home looks perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration!

  2. Dana,
    I really like the Scrabble message and wreath ideas. Your home will be a beautiful setting for the baby shower and it seems to be filled with love regardless of the season or holiday.

  3. Visiting from Dear Lillie, such pretty valentines decor! My favorite has to be the wreath, I know how long it takes but so worth it!

  4. Wow, looks so pretty! Dropping by from Dear Lillie! Hope you will stop by for a visit soon!!

  5. It's beautiful!