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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Tasteful Chanticleer

I've been staying with my mom in her home in Green Valley, Arizona for the past week. Green Valley is an oasis in the Sonoran Desert; an unincorporated community located about 35 miles south of Tucson, Arizona.

I would describe my mother's lovely home as a soft vision of Tuscany.  It is an ideal mix of European traditional and stately Desert Southwest; with a little whimsy in the mix.  I am especially fond of her breakfast room.

She has the most wonderful {Pottery Barn} server.  It is small in scale and grand in color.  This is one of the most perfect reds!

My mom has carefully chosen the use of the rooster motif in this room.   They proudly embellish the table runner.

...and the upholstery on the breakfast room chairs. This is gorgeous fabric!

Here's a bit of whimsy~ love the chair backs, don't you?

Mom's colorful ceramic tableware is in my opinion the accent that pulls the entire room together.  Of course I'm coveting the woven placemats and am designing a scheme to sneak them home in my luggage.

I thoroughly enjoy my mom and her wonderfully gracious home and wish I were able to spend more time here.  I hope you have enjoyed these pictures; which are just a snapshot of her decor.  The pictures were brought to you by my IPhone.  Uh~ who goes on a vacation and remembers to pack everything but a camera?

Linking to Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life.

Just two more days of gloriously sunny weather and it's back to the Pacific Northwet.  It will be many months before I'm able to lounge outside in 75 degrees.

See you there~


  1. Your mom's home is so cosy ! And the roster motif are fine ! I wish to have more time for her. Is she far ? My mother is 170 km from us !
    Have a nice week

  2. I love your mom's home! The rooster motif is wonderful! I see where your talent comes from! What a lovely post and photos! Enjoy your time together!

  3. Oh what a lovely home and you know that I love roosters. They are just unreal. Beautiful vignettes. Thanks tons for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

  4. Your mom has a delightful home, love it! I can't believe you took the photographs with your Iphone! Great job! Happy I found your blog while visiting Marty for Table Top Tuesday!

  5. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your mom's home. I love those chairs. The back is beautiful. Let us know if you're successful sneaking out those placemats. Psst. I bet your mom would just give them to you if you asked. You already knew that, too, didn't you?

  6. Wow how nice you got to visit with her! I've been making extra efforts to visit with mine since she's 89 now and showing signs of declining. I agree her red server is great- I love red! I like your description of her decor!! The fabric on the chairs and her runner are wonderful! Good luck on getting the placemats out without her noticing!!

  7. Your mom's home is so beautiful... love all the colors and the rooster theme. The table runner with the rooster and black border is gorgeous and I love that red server and breakfast room chairs, they are the perfect accent for this gorgeous room. Thanks for sharing these inspiring pictures with us. Dropping in from Marty's TTT.Enjoy spending time with your mom.Hugs~Poppy


  8. your mom's chicken motif is lovely. The chairs are to die for.

  9. Very nice! Looks like she needs to stock up o some Wine though! XO Cindy

  10. i adore your seat covers! the little flower arrangement is simply charming! you have a wonderful touch!

  11. Oh my what a fun blog! You had me at hello. Can't wait to go grab a cuppa coffee and browse around some more!! Happy to be following from now on. Pop on over for a visit sometime if you'd like.

  12. Your mom definitely has a touch of the bold in her. Love the red server and her colorful dishes. Hope your visit is going well!

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    Here is the link, I fixed it :)