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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Actually

Remember the old Pilsbury jingle, "Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven" ?  Well, that certainly rings true in our house!  Decadence!  Up close and personal!  Larry will be in heaven.

Larry is getting up early to make me some very special pancakes which are acceptable on my very special (and restrictive) diet.  So, I decided late this evening to create one final accent to make him feel special.

I have been interested in creating something with coffee filters; just something small to begin with.  I didn't like anything I found online, so I decided to figure something out on my own.  I am really pretty good at copying ideas from women more creative than I, and I usually don't have a whole lot of original ideas.  I rather like my paper roses.

Start with these~

I like the unbleached rather than the pure white.

I very randomly cut the coffee filters into spirals and rolled them up to form roses.

I applied hot glue on the bottom of each rose so that they would hold together.

I used a few other things I had on hand~ some shreads that came in a box that was recently delivered and a Dollar Tree candle.

I layered everything in an old Pier One hurricane that I unearthed.  Instant ambiance for our Valentine's breakfast.  But while I was in the crafting mode, I made the cutest little card for Larry~

Awww.  It's a day for warm fuzzies.  I hope yours is filled with love!

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  1. A wonderful gift with full of love !
    Congratulation creative ,nice friend
    Have a lovely day

  2. This is gorgeous! I have been wanting to try these too, but never have. You've inspired me! I just love your choice of unbleached coffee filters! Your roses are lovely! I also bought these candles because you posted about them earlier! I love them! I noticed they were made in America too! This is my favorite Valentine ideas so far! It's amazing! Happy Valentine's Day!