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Friday, September 9, 2011

A First Coat of Orange

I am  not usually a woman who decorates seasonally. You might say I'm kind of 'one size fits all' or some such as it concerns home decorating. I enjoy quality holiday and seasonal decor but my thinking is that you either go all out and do it right or you don't do it at all. And then, like Christmas, the fun is the creating but inevitably comes the take-down. I dread the putting-away.

About five years ago I was so attracted to this wool blazer from Land's End, that I bought it impulsively and without consideration for the other basics of my wardrobe. I have loved the blazer since its arrival and it is still in fine shape. I bring it out as soon as the weather cools and I wear it with confidence until Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have built my fall wardrobe around orange! Funny isn't it? I don't decorate for the seasons (other than Christmas) but I deck myself for fall. Fall-la-la-la-la...

This over-sized bangle was calling out to me...

Truthfully, my houses have always drifted toward fall colors. I must feel very at home wrapped in the warm hues of autumn. I've tried other 'looks'~ the grays of winter for example. I've tried beach cottage with blues and yellows. One of our houses featured what we used to call the "jewel tones". But my authentic style is a fall medley~ neutral walls and bold accents of deep green, cinnamon, red and yes, orange. I am just so attracted to orange!

Debra, of Common Ground, has redesigned her blog around autumn orange. Her blog design is brilliant. One of my very favorite posts on Debra's blog showcases the use of warm orange accents. You can read it here~ at  Common Ground .  And now,  the orange door Debra has featured on her blog banner has thrown me completely into front door frenzy. I am clearly in the throws of door envy!

I find myself on a serious mission to get a new front door; and it's gonna be orange. Love, love, love this look! {Shall we call this Beta Carotene or Vitamin C?} Oh wild thing you make my heart sing! I love the way the font door color is a preview of what we'll find inside. Such a touch of class.

Source: La Maison Boheme
{Sorry Larry, but I won't stop talking about this door until I get it.}

I don't need a blind over the glass because we are lucky enough to have a separate foyer, a mud room really, preventing any view of our living room from the outside. Isn't this just oozing curb appeal? I love the door's Craftsman styling as well.

Here's another well done entry. The color may be a little too blood orange for my house but it has a lot of pizzazz  And it represents great decorating confidence {Obviously this family loves Halloween!}

Source: Google Image
Hmmm. I like the black feather wreath! The skull? Not so much.

And yet another~ A more modern interpretation but a great color~

Source: Google Images

 Oh, love the door mat too!

Orange is bold but it can be used in subtle ways. I chose orange towels last year when buying new bath linens. And I scored a great bathmat at a model home interiors sale.

I created this pillow from a scrap of thrift store velvet. It looks at home on my otherwise understated bed. The bed ensemble has just enough orange to justify the pillow.

And check out my chest of drawers! I love it, chippy paint and all. I bought it as is and didn't do a thing to it. When my house is back in order (I mentioned before that we're doing a renovation) the drawers will hold place mats and other irregular and hard-to-store items. 

Orange may be trendy but I like it. I think it's a perennial in my house. We live in a cool climate so orange and red never make me feel too hot but they do visually warm our surrounds. Color choice is impacted by many variables. As I mentioned, climate and geography influence color decisions as well as house size, room size and natural light; and of course and most importantly, personal preferences. Some like it hot, as they say. Orange is not a color for the indecisive. You either love it or you don't.

I am truly glad you stopped by. I have been mostly absent from the blog world because we are so busy transforming our vintage one car garage into a magical place for me to pursue my creative interests. I will soon be ready to share some before and in process pictures with you! I'm looking forward to that!

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  1. I love orange! My holidays are my favorite time of the year. I feel it gives me freedom to change my house without have to listen to my hubby tell me how indecisive I can be. lol!

    Love the new layout!

    Take Care!

  2. I am drawn to the fall colors too. Fall is also my favorite time of the year. Are the colors just beautiful.
    So are you going to paint your door organe?

  3. Dana, what a gorgeous post! Wow, I love the oranges in these pictures! My mother loved orange too! These pictures remind me of her so much! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful Fall post!

  4. Dana,
    Love the orange doors. Nice to see folks choosing colors that suit their homes and personalities rather than the (overly) trendy red door. Best wishes on your studio renovation. Looking forward to your future posts and the accompanying photos. Happy fall!

  5. Love this post! The orange just pops. Can't wait to see your renovation!