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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventures With Captain Larry!

My airline pilot (retired) husband is now a Coast Guard licensed yacht captain. He spends time each summer on the water with nice folks who wish to tour the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands on luxury boats. Most of Larry's clients charter boats and hire Larry to skipper. And a few own their yachts but are not comfortable with the responsibility of piloting them without help. In addition, Larry teaches power boating classes for Anacortes Yacht Charters here on our island.

I rarely get an opportunity to join Larry on his excursions. But a few days ago we received an invitation to travel to Gig Harbor, Washington. We were asked to stay a night with a wonderful couple who had taken Larry's boating class last summer. The idea was that Larry would spend part of each day helping this couple get more comfortable with their {big} boat.

For me, the time was magical. I was just 'along for the ride'. It was a luxurious waterfront stay; a lovely retreat from everyday stresses. We were wined and dined~ not exactly tough duty for Larry. Our suite was opulently appointed, the conversation was genuine and our hosts were gracious and without pretension. 

I thank you in advance for browsing my pictorial journal of our excursion. The Pacific Northwest is an enchanted part of the world. I hope my photos stimulate your interest in a visit to the Evergreen State.

We drove south to Tacoma and then took the "Narrows Bridge" over to the east side of the Olympic Peninsula.

I took this photo while cruising. Gig Harbor was named by an early explorer, Captain Charles Wilkes during an expedition in 1840. Upon the discovery of this most picturesque bay, the captain and crew were unable to navigate it on anything other than a small boat, also known as a "captain's gig". Hence the name.

The yacht is named, "Fellow Ship". It is docked directly in front of our hosts' condominium. This is my idea of roughing it.

This historic harbor front restaurant was just steps from the condominium. It is now owned by a quality restaurant chain, "Anthony's". We enjoyed a sumptuous evening meal here.

Our hostess has done a lovely job decorating her home!

The rest of my photos are just a random sampling of the houses located in along the waterfront in Old Town Gig Harbor. As you will see, there is everything from cottage to grand~

My personal favorite~ An historic house with appropriate updates.

A popular Northwest architectural design. Check out all the boats!

A mid-century brick with a lot of charm!

Gorgeous! Pristine landscape, a stately home and steps to the shore.

I hope you are able to get a good feel for allure of this delightful little bay. For more information please visit this site: Gig Harbor, The Maritime City

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for cruising by and come back soon.

Dreaming of our gig in the Harbor~



  1. Sign me up! I love this area! I love the green cabin; that's the one for me! This is such an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics! The yacht is amazing!

  2. That sounds like a very good time.
    I love all of your pictures.

  3. I'm glad you got to accompany Larry, Dana. What a lovely, lovely area. I could feel the cool air with just a hint of moisture in it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    You are the cutest thing! I'm surprised Larry doesn't take you with him everywhere! :)

  4. Lucky you. That yacht is stunning. Kathy, from Never Enough Thyme blog lives outside Seattle and shared Gig Harbor, too this summer. Pretty place.

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventure with your Captain Larry and this gracious couple. Beautiful photos! What a scenic area. Love it.

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful houses...so casual and well designed. Love the historic one too.

  7. It looks like a slice of paradise! How lucky for you that you got to go along for the ride! I'm glad you had a lovely time and go to take some great photos too.