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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fever!

Yes, I've succumbed to fall fever~ a decorating addiction that has most home decor bloggers north of the equator in its grip.

Since our Northwest summer lasted all of 3 weeks I decided I might as well give myself over to fall fancies.

Here is a wreath I created by meshing a variety of styles I have seen on Pinterest~

I began by covering a green styrofoam wreath with burlap.

I used cheap burlap for this project. I'm not sure it was such a good idea! Look at all the raveling.

I made a new-to-me flower style using a wool blend orange felt. Most crafters are talented enough to just freehand the cuts but I have to measure and mark everything.

So simple to make and I think they are adorable.

I also created these gathered and rolled roses. They are rather time intensive but I like the result.

I added a few of my more traditional rosettes and a little bit of ornamentation.

And here is my finished wreath.

Lots of textural contrast! It speaks of dried flowers and fallen foilage.

And while in the mood I brought out a few things I made in previous years~

Paper Scraps and a little stamping!

Pillow Art.

Linking to Masterpiece Monday at Boogie Board Cottage and Sugar and Spice at 733 .

Enjoy your week!

Happy Fall!



  1. So cute!!! Love the wreath and the paper pumpkins. ADORABLE!!

    Take Care!

  2. Cute flowers and wreath. I should make some of those.

  3. Dana, How darling! The wreath is so creative and textural with the burlap roses and how cute is that pumpkin pillow. Love it's button teeth. You're an awesome crafter!Happy Fall!

  4. I love them all. I needed some inspiration this morning to get me going on my fall decorating and you just did it!!! Thank you for sharing your talents. Have a great week. Bobbie

  5. Love all of the flowers and the textural contrast on the wreath. The button teeth and the little black cat on the pumpkin pillow make it really special. Fall is so great, not only for the decorating opportunities but for all of the wonderful comfort foods we associate with the season. Thanks for today's inspiration!