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Friday, September 2, 2011


Larry and I went to our favorite estate sale {which happens every 3 weeks} at The Mercantile
in Anacortes. I had forgotten to put the date on my calendar but suddenly remembered this
morning that today is the day. We raced into town but still arrived almost an hour late. I truly
didn't expect to find anything.

Well, I am always on the lookout for old luggage pieces. So I was kind of stoked
to find a Samsonite attache! I would not say this is an antique but it is clearly vintage.
It's as solid as a rock and so James Bond or maybe Mission Impossible. Whichever,
I do love it and it looks really cool next to my repainted desk in the loft.

I like the way it looks tucked in this little space~

And I'm diggin' the white top stitching.

It's always nice when the branded tag is still intact and in good condition. Can you see that the tag says,
"Shwayder Brothers"? The Shwayder family founded Samsonite in 1912 and it remained
in the family until it was acquired in a corporate buyout in the 70's. A tag can tell a story of sorts, and
sometimes will help establish age. Obviously this attache is at least 30 years old and maybe older.

Just like a secret agent, this brief case also has a double life; as a lap desk. Just look at how well laid out the inside is!

On an airplane {preferably in the first class cabin} a hardworking spy COuLd  dO sOMe sErioUs decoding!
Larry thinks I should carry my laptop in it. Hmmmm. Well, there is plenty of room.

{Check out the cute photo of my dad and our son}

I'm thinking instead of using it as storage for the myriad of ideas that are always rolling around in my head;
or scribbled on bits of paper. Maybe I will become better organized? Doubtful.

Maybe it will only be an accent piece with no real utilitarian purpose. No matter what I decide it was a fun
find at $4.

I found a few other things too that I will share with you soon. We have undertaken a huge renovation and I feel like my home is in great disarray. I'm off to try and make some sense of it all.

It's the Labor Day Holiday.  I hope you find a peaceful place of repose.




  1. Love your new find. Samsonite is always fun. I have a couple of pieces that belonged to my MIL. Yours is in great shape. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the whole spy angle on the attache. And what a great bargin, $4.
    I got a new vintage suitcase this week too. Hopefully it show up on my blog this weekend.

  3. Dana,
    What a steal! Your spy attache is a great addition to the loft. Love the new look of your blog, too. Your background reminds me of the gorgeous wall treatment done on the master bedroom in Vern Yip's designed HGTV Urban Oasis in Chicago. Stunning!

  4. I love your find! It is a great bargain! I just love these vintage pieces! You asked me if I free handed the "Nest" graphic- yes, but you can print it and transfer it with graphite paper. The paint pen makes it easy and it would help you when tracing it. Have a wonderful weekend! I love the new look of your blog!

  5. Hi Dana,
    Love your suitcase. Yes, definately looks like something 007 would've carried. Although, it does remind me a bit of what my Engineer hubby carries. Hmm, maybe he's a secret spy and I don't know it. LOL!