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Friday, December 23, 2011

Some of Blogland's Best Christmas

Whenever I have indulged in feelings of adroitness with regard to my decorating efforts, I seem to wander into blog wonderland; lovely spaces created by women much more talented than I.  The amount of creative genius circulating about the blogoshpere is honestly staggering.

Usually blog posts are self-focused snippets of our domestic journals in concert with a series of snapshots by which we hold our reader's attention.

Having been thoroughly humbled this season by a countless number of  incredibly gifted blog artisans, I decided that today was a day to redirect my focus by showcasing a few of my most enchanted discoveries.  There is no one idea that surpasses another among the photos I am about to share. I have highlighted them in no particular order.  In fact I could spend countless days simply re-posting loveliness and lamenting the fact that the ideas were not mine .

Thank you for browsing along.  I hope you are as inspired by these photos as I have been over the past several weeks.

Canadian Cottage  shared her reworked stairwell.  And this tree skirt~


This master bedroom, created by Down To Earth Style,  is enviable.  Gorgeous in any season.

Courtney,  at French Country Cottage,  has lavishly bedecked even her bathrooms! Oooh la love!

You know I have burlap love.  I especially like the way Dear Lillie  accented this stocking with a petite boxwood wreath!

Thistlewood Farm stole my heart with her use of so many textural elements in her Christmas decor.
These trees are only one example~

Lastly, though I could easily keep going, a feature from The Old Painted Cottage

Picture: Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Idea Issue

Love, love,  love the use of naturals and the combination of the white table and the black chairs! No wonder BH & G spotlighted this amazing cottage.

Well I feel a need to stop here. My head is swimming with new ideas for next year. I hope you enjoyed this little cross section of great style. Perhaps next year when you begin to think once again about decking your halls, you will find these blogs and others to be a valuable resource.

Time to finish last minute Christmas gift details, so I'll just say, "It's a wrap".

Blessings on your day~



  1. You are so right, these are all wonderfully inspiring photos. Thanks so much for spreading that inspiration around.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. So true! There are so many wonderful ideas in Blogland! These are some of my favorite blogs too! I love the neutrals! My dream to do our home in neutrals one day! Thank you for your beautiful blog! Your kind spirit shows in your stories! I'm so happy to have found your blog! It's lovely! Merry Christmas, my friend!