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Friday, June 17, 2011

Project ! A Quick and Easy Gift Idea

This is Anacortes High School graduation party weekend for Larry and me. We have one party this evening and one tomorrow. Today is Ana's party. Ana is the youngest daughter of my friend Laurie (whom you've met here before). I was stressing about how to give her money... I don't like cash and I don't love the check option either. So I decided to make her a little picture frame and tuck a check and the frame into a gift bag.

Other than buying a somewhat shabby white frame from Rite Aid, I had everything else on hand. Of course not much was needed for this project. By the way, I learned my lesson about buying inexpensive picture frames. It's imperative that you give them a close look before buying. I got home with this one and found a few cracks in the finish. Oh well, the look is supposed to be somewhat 'upcycled' so I'm not going to worry about it.
$5.99 Frame From Rite Aid

I wanted to embellish the frame with fabric roses, which are all the blog rage right now. I tried at least 4 different fabrics in search of the perfect neutral before I thought of using this twill tape. This tape actually came with a rug I ordered last fall from Pottery Barn. This twill was tied around the rolled up rug. I love Pottery Barn. Every detail is so well planned and quality.
I really enjoy working with Unique Stitch. It is a very fast drying, strong fabric glue that becomes transparent.

First I ironed the twill tape so that it was nice and flat. I then folded the tape in half lengthwise and twisted and rolled it in a circle, gluing here and there as I rolled. The first flowers I made were much too large. It's such a temptation to make them over sized because actually, the larger they get the prettier they look. I kept having to unroll my roses and start over. I played around with it until I had three roses, varying in size, that I was happy with.  I allowed the glue on the roses to dry for a few minutes and then I used my hot glue gun to affix the roses to the frame. I think this is a much nicer way to give a gift of money. What do you think?  I used the picture that came in Ana's graduation announcement, but she can just replace it with her favorite.
Voila! What an Adorable Graduate

If you would like to see a really good tutorial on making fabric roses there are probably 30 available online. Here is the link to my favorite tutorial: http://www.freckledlaundry.com/2010/07/fabric-rosette-tutorial.html.

Caution! Making rosettes can become addicting so proceed with caution and consider yourself forewarned. Just wait until you see my burlap pillow with a jumbo rosette! Hope you'll come back and check it out.

Tomorrow we are attending a party of a young man. I'm giving him money too but I think I'll skip the rosettes.

See you soon!


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