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Monday, June 13, 2011

Never Return A Plate Empty

Look how much my garden has grown in the last month! Our raised beds are positively bursting with vitamins! We have so much more produce than we can possibly use because we are just a household of 2. So we have started sharing our bounty with friends.

Spinach and Broccoli

Cabbages Are Growing Nicely
Kale Cohabitating with Onions

Larry Made An Adorable Trellis for the Peas

A few weeks ago I gave my girlfriend a variety of beautiful greens in a vintage galvanized bucket. I love galvanized anything and I have a growing collection which includes buckets, wash tubs, and trays and trash barrels. I grow plants in many of them. I even have a six foot wide stock trough!

A Golden Privet Thriving in a Trash Can
Well, back to my story. My girlfriend and her husband came to dinner Friday night. We hang out at each others houses quite often and the unwritten rule is, "we're well beyond hostess gifts". However, here came Sharon, my bucket in hand, filled with the most beautiful Heuchera (Coral Bell) I've ever seen!
A Gorgeous Ginger Peach Heuchera
Her thoughtful gesture, though unnecessary, was so appreciated. I already love the way this looks in my garden and I haven't even taken it out of the bucket yet. It will need room to grow and I know just the spot. Good news by the way! The tag says, "sun or shade".

And now the finale.  Can you guess what Sharon said when she handed me this gracious gift? Yep, you got it!
Never return a plate empty.

Thanks dropping by. You never know what I might be chatting about so come back anytime. Oh and remember, we're well beyond hostess gifts.


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