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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Putting Down Roots!

In February we celebrated our 9th anniversary in this house. Considering we have been married just shy of 30, 9 years in a house doesn't sound like such an accomplishment. I'm embarassed to admit that we have owned 7 other houses prior to our move to the island. My brother in law once described us as vagabonds; proverbial rolling stones. I like to think of ourselves as adventurers. Instead of rolling stones we are just a couple who doesn't like to leave stones unturned.

We have tried suburbia (more than once), semi-rural, small town, track homes, custom homes and a tear-down-still-standing. We've lived in Coastal California, the Midwest, the Northwest and even briefly in the Sonoran Desert. We have lived in this house, our island cottage, longer than we have lived in any other. I think we have finally put down roots.

Speaking of roots, that's partly what you will find my blog to be about. I love to garden and I have 3/4 of an acre on which to practice. I say practice because a good landscape is never static. It constantly evolves through the process of 'trowel and error'.

I also love being a homemaker. And the making of our home is what you will read about here. We started with a shack-- an ugly duckling; but we are creating a swan. Larry and I have found that between the two of us there is not much we can't create and build. We seem to have an attraction for fixers, and neither we nor anyone else in our families have figured out why. This house has undergone the greatest transformation of them all.

I hope you will enjoy following our island adventure. I love to share personal experiences because I love reading those of others. I love real-time blogs to which I can honestly relate. I hope that's how you will come to feel about mine.

Stop in anytime! The coffee is always fresh and the conversation lively.

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